1931 - Inauguration of the Western Gardesana
1931 - Inauguration of the Western Gardesana


The road commissioned by Gabriele D’Annunzio

In 1931, the Gardesana Occidentale road was officially opened by Brescian engineer Riccardo Cozzaglio.


Origins of the hotel

The Hotel Villa Europa underwent many changes. It started out as a family home on 23rd March 1955 but was never lived in, as it was used from the outset as a small guesthouse, called “Pensione Vienna”. It was run by a couple, a woman from Austria and a man from Brescia, and over the course of few years, was extended to cater for the increased tourist activity of the time.


Change of management

Subsequently, two young Dutch men, Edy and Robert, took over the management and the building was renamed “Pension Holland”.

1964 - Pensione Holland
1964 - Pensione Holland


Beginning of Frassine family management

By Easter 1971, the Frassine family, who had always owned the building, took over the new management, with the aim of providing warm, family hospitality to Italian and international customers. The name was changed to Albergo Europa and, after the latest developments, to Hotel Villa Europa.

1971 - Start of management of the Frassine family
1971 - Start of management of the Frassine family


Passionate conservative restoration

Guests can get a sense of the villa’s original atmosphere through numerous details which, following the owners’ passionate conservative restoration, allow them to appreciate the many rooms with spectacular views of the lake.

An all-female management team!

Domelia, Silvia, Liliana, Silvana e Martina

The swimming pool… just a few steps from the hotel

Lake view

Enjoy the sun or the evening breeze while admiring enchanting scenery from the hotel terraces.

Panorama-room & Suite

Geranio, Bouganville and Suite
Discover the elegant, bright and panoramic rooms at Hotel Villa Europa.