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La Bottega dei Sapori

fresh and genuine

‘La Bottega’ arose from the conservative restoration of the cellar of the historic tavern “La Campagnola”. It is a magical place where you will find our products such as jams, capers, fresh lemons and extra virgin olive oil.

Evocations of history …

Our guests can experience a sensation of the historic richness of this place through the presence of authentic objects such as the old press, the very long ladder that was used to harvest olives and lemons, the ancient and beautiful balance scales that came from our grandfather’s shop.

Take these memories with you!

At the Bottega dei Sapori you can buy a wide variety of our hand-made jams, extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemons, capers and other strictly locally grown organic delicacies.

The Fireplace Room

Unique places where enjoy history and tradition.

Adjacent to “La Bottega dei Sapori”, you can find the old “Sala del Caminetto” (The Fireplace Room), an ancient inn-tavern, we open it to welcome guests of the Hotel Villa Europa during events such as tastings of our products and cheeses, cold meats and local wines.

Panorama-room & Suite

Geranio, Bouganville and Suite
Discover the elegant, bright and panoramic rooms of Hotel Villa Europa.

Lake View

Enjoy the sun or the evening breeze, admiring the lovely scenery from the Hotel's terraces.