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Moments of relaxation

Rilassati, raccogliti, allontana da te ogni altro pensiero. Lascia che il mondo che ti circonda sfumi nell’indistinto.
(Italo Calvino)

Lassen Sie sich mit den Essenzen aus unserer Region verwöhnen

Unsere Behandlungen führen wir mit folgenden ätherischen Ölen durch:

  • Rosmarin: anregend und entschlackend, fördert die Durchblutung
  • Lavendel: entspannt und hilft gegen Angstzustände und Stress
  • Hagebutte: fabelhaft für Gesicht und Körper, mit Anti-Aging-Effekt und Antioxidantien
  • Bergamotte: hilft bei Angstzuständen und wirkt sich positiv auf eine unregelmäßige Melaninkonzentration in der Epidermis aus



Gönnen Sie sich einen Moment voller Entspannung und Regeneration.

Gönnen Sie sich eine Wellness-Behandlung im Massageraum, in der Privatsphäre Ihres Zimmers oder Appartements, auf der Panoramaterrasse mit herrlichem Seeblick oder im Kontakt mit der Natur inmitten des Grüns und der Ruhe des Resortgartens

Die Behandlungen finden nach Terminvereinbarung statt.



50 minute: 80€
80 minute: 100€

Relaxing – Anti stress

Fluid and precise movements, aiming to dissolve tensions and calm the nervous system, to relax all the muscles. Ideal for disconnecting mind and body at mental or physical stressful moments.

Limphatic drainage

This technique stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulatory systems of the body. It’s the most recommended massage for those suffering from poor circulation and fluid retention, as it promotes their reabsorption relieving heaviness, specially in the lower legs area.

Deep tissue massage

Powerful decontracting using medium and strong pressures aimed on softening muscle tissues and nodes. Ideal for loosening the tensions of the deep muscles of the myofascial system.

Foot reflexology

Based on the reflex system represented on the feet, consists on light massage softening and relaxing the foot muscles, then followed by a continuous round of pressure on points throughout the area, aiming to a global well-being throughout the body.

Face reflexology

A Vietnamese natural therapy, which allows you to recover or maintain good health simply by massaging, pressing, poking or heating certain reflex points on the face, helping our body to restore its balance energy and its regular functionality.

Sportive massage

Toning massage with stretching and energetic movements for activate the circulation and increase muscle tone. Ideal after and before sports, cyclism, or after long walks that overload the body muscles.

Oriental acupressure

Tuina and Acupressure run through the energy channels (Acupuncture Meridians) based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. This oriental technique balances the body’s Yin-Yang energy to keep it strong & healthy. Ideal for who suffers various symptoms, such as headache, digestive problems, insomnia and many others.

Neck – Back – Shoulders

Specific massage for the upper area of the body. It combines relaxing and decontracting techniques to relieve all the tensions accumulated in the back that extends to the cervical and / or lumbars.